Who we are

Roland Bittner GmbH has been a capable and reliable partner for the customised moulding of plastics for over 30 years, serving many customers in a variety of industrial sectors. We see ourselves as an innovative mid-sized German company with the ultimate aim of maintaining customer satisfaction as the basis for long-term collaboration. As a family-run enterprise, we pursue this ambition with the highest level of quality, trust and transparency.

Best quality

Quality is our top priority. Our own standards demand that only high-quality and sound products leave our house. All processes in our company are certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. Continuous quality inspection by trained professionals serves to constantly monitor and optimise our production for your benefit.

Excellent advice

We offer our customers and partner businesses complete packaging solutions. Our services extend from the preparation of drawings in 2D and 3D designs to the manufacturing of required tools and the delivery of finished products.

Technical expertise

Many years of experience in our sector and an extensive range of machinery on the cutting edge of technology qualify us as a competent partner. We also take on finishing work such as punching, CNC milling, adhesive bonding, welding, and if desired, the assembly of components. Many customers from a variety of industries rely on our expertise.


Depending on the customer's preferences, we manufacture products in small and large batches. To be able to respond to customers' requests at short notice, we have acquired a high degree of flexibility and dynamism, and we can quickly increase our capacities if need be. For us, punctual delivery to our customers is a basic prerequisite for a sustainable and continuous partnership - and that is our goal.

Diverse all-round talent

Our knowledge and skills in many areas allow us to take advantage of synergies that benefit our customers. We are able to rely on our large stock assortment of clap-pac clamshells to quickly deliver attractive transparent packaging without extra tooling costs. Our portfolio of packaging solutions is topped off by the contract production of skin and blister packaging. Moreover, with a great deal of commitment, we develop and manufacture individual plastic components in all sizes and material strengths.