Out company gives top-level attention to protecting the environment

As specialists in plastics processing, we work to make our production as eco-friendly as possible. The major share of energy consumption in our company can be attributed to our skin packaging, blister packaging and vacuum thermoforming machines. Plastic sheeting and cardboard make up the largest share of our raw material consumption. We have therefore taken measures to minimise our energy and raw material consumption.


We organise our production to use materials as efficiently as possible. Leftover plastic pieces such as punching scrap and other wastes are collected separately, ground down again and returned to the production cycle as regrind. Intelligent recycling systems also allow more and more valuable raw materials to flow back into the line of use, so we utilise recycled plastic in our production whenever possible. Additionally, our skin cardboard is made of 96 % recycled paper.

Green power

We have relied on 100 % green power for five years. This TÜV-certified electricity is generated solely from renewable energy sources. [TÜV is the German Technical Inspection Association]

Wood pellet heating

For the past five years, we have been sustainably heating our company's premises with a carbon-neutral wood pellet heating system. Pellets are a renewable natural product made exclusively of industrial waste from wood processing. No trees are cut down. Moreover, value creation stays within the country. This allows us to be unaffected by international crises and global developments in the energy sector.

Hot water

Our hot water is heated largely by means of our photovoltaic facility.