The economical packaging solution

Skin packaging is ideal for attractively upgrading your product. A transparent plastic film overlaying your product lets it best speak for itself and gives it advertising appeal.


Skin packaging is very inexpensive due to its minimal use of materials.


Skin packaging protects your product against theft, damage, dust, humidity and sweaty hands.


Skin packaging in particular has very versatile applications. Our customers use it to package individual items as well as whole product sets and assortments.

Rapidly available

Skin packaging is also very eco-friendly – the skin card with adherent film can be easily disposed of as waste paper.


Skin packaging is also very eco-friendly – the skin card with adherent film can be disposed of simply as waste paper.

Design options

We can skin package individual items for you as well as complete assortments. The maximum length of your product should not be more than 95 mm.


Skin cardboard is made from 96 % recycled paper. It has a permeable coating and can be printed on both sides. A range of options are available for the card's design, from simple printing to photoprinting. A PE skin film gives the surface a brilliant gloss and shows colour contrasts to their best advantage.


In a sealing machine on our premises, your product is firmly enclosed under a PE skin film on a skin cardboard. During this process, the film is placed directly on your product and adheres to the card. The machine then punches a Euro-standard hole into the card and cuts the skin packaging to size. Skin packs are made in contract production.

Areas of application

Our customers use skin packaging primarily for marketing in the self-service sector. Skin packs are ideal for these products:

Technical Equipment

  • Assortments
  • Spare parts sets
  • Screws
  • Tools
  • Small parts
  • Repair kits
  • Sealing kits
  • Drills


  • CDs
  • Pens, pencils, crayons


  • Camping items
  • Cutlery items
  • Advertising materials


  • Bicycle products
  • Ski products
  • Climbing accessories